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Ben Northon E-Liquid

Ben Northon E-liquid fram France

Ben Northon E-liquid, Premium Tobacco


Ben Northon E-Liquid, I was born in one of those small towns crumpled to the river banks basking below the western sun along the Mississippi. At a point in time, I tried to bring law and order to my corrupted town filled with gold-diggers and miners. After many years, my illusions and false hope faded and I left my kinsmen to walk through the ancestral lands. After sometime, I became a solitary soul, a mountain man and a tobacco farmer. Their subtle aromas made me fall in love until they were all I knew. Every blend came along with its memory just as every scent came with its words. Love Blond, Gold Digger, Black Horse, Road Five. Each fragrance came along with its story and it became my story. I am Ben Northon, the e-liquid, produced by Solevan.

Solevan France Group has been specialised in the production of e-liquids since 2010. They are also very experienced with meeting the requests of the electronic cigarette market. All the manufacturing process from product design to production and distribution all take place in France. Solevan France Group endures top-quality and delivery expertise while abiding by the current European laws.

Our manufacturing process combines safety and productivity to produce excellent e-liquids. Our vast amounts of automations have been built to ensure we meet up with the required daily production to satisfy our customers.

Our laboratory also incorporates some of the best and latest generation equipment to guarantee efficient production capabilities. Our assortment of production lines also enables us to be responsive and flexible. In order to meet up with every of our customers’ needs, our quality department ensures our production processes and facilities are strictly hygiene and very safe.

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