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Black Note E-Liquid

Black Note E-liquid

Introducing Black Note E-Liquid,
the most realistic tobacco e liquid.

Black Note E-Liquid specialises in the production of tobacco flavour e-liquids containing only naturally extracted tobacco (NET) from all four corners of the world. With 6 different e-liquids to choose from, it means you will find something that suits your needs every time.

In addition, Black Note E-Liquid really know how to extract the best flavours from their tobacco leaves, which is why they spend up to 8 weeks to complete the entire extraction process. However, this is because they do things differently thanks to using no heat at any part of the process. This means that the flavour that is extracted is of the highest quality as heat is known to alter the state of the flavour leading to it often becoming too harsh or bitter for most individuals. To learn more about the exact methods that they employ in the extraction process, do check out their official website.

For Black Note E-Liquid, they have the aim of producing the best alternative to cigarettes on the market. They want to create the perfect smoke-free environment without smokers feeling left out. Furthermore, to strengthen the concept that they are only interested in those smokers that are moving across to e-liquids, they have purposely refused to be drawn into producing flavours. After all, this is seen as being more appealing to minors, something that Black Note do not wish to be associated with in any way.

This approach does tend to put them against so many other e-liquid manufacturers on the market as they tend to focus on flavours and producing even wilder and different tastes in their liquids. But, once more, Black Note even do things differently with their menthol version as this is produced using the exact same methods as the other 9 E-liquids. You should also know that their products are completely free of synthetic flavouring and also devoid of any chemical additives.

Black Note E-Liquid

Black Note have also spent time studying the ingredients that could be potentially harmful to the health of any individual. That is why their products are also missing various ingredients including the likes of Acetoin, Acrolein, Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Diethylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol.

This company has worked hard to produce a tobacco e-liquid product that shows what is possible when it comes to the taste and effectiveness. Previously, it was believed that a high-end product of this nature was near impossible, but that is no longer the case. Just remember that they do not produce those strange and bizarre flavours that you may be used to elsewhere, but then that is not a bad thing.

The liquids at Black Note E-liquid are coil friendly and this means that they do not degrade over time and they are completely replaceable.

Black Note E-liquid comes in 8 blends, Adagio, Bravura, Cadenza, Forte, Legato, Prelude, Solo, Sonata 

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