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Halo Purity E-liquids

Halo Tobacco E-liquid

Halo (Purity) Tobacco E-liquids – Now in!

Halo’s top-notch Tobacco, Gourmet, Fruit and Menthol flavored vape juices are one of the best tasting e-liquids out there.

From the deep tobacco sensation from Tribeca, with the menthol explosion of SubZero, to the delicious desert notes of Tangerine Swirl and Belgian Cocoa, Halo offers a wide variety of well acclaimed world class flavors.

Everyone deserves consistency and quality in their e-liquid which is why we are always determined to deliver just that! Each of our e-liquid bottles comes along with trackable lot numbering, best-by dating and infant-resistant covers. By purchasing from eVo or Halo, you can be sure to be getting the best made e-liquid in the industry in terms of quality, safety and flavor.

Halo is dedicated to our customers and we will never let our e-liquid to be produced beyond our control. This is the reason we decided to take sole responsibility and produce all our e-liquids ourselves. That way, we can be sure our customers are getting the ideal amount of safety, quality and standard they duly deserve.

Halo upholds itself to a high standard.

By producing all our e-liquids domestically, we can make use of premium and fine ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Pharmacopeia-grade Nicotine. We only make use flavorings that have been approved by of Extract and Flavor Manufacturers Association and which we have tested by an independent lab.

Halo Purity have their own facilities with hygienic labs and rooms

– Halo Purity e-liquids are produced in a sterile atmosphere by professional chemists

– Halo Purity e-liquids were steeped appropriately at the right temperatures

-Halo Purity e-liquids were labeled and bottled properly so our customers can discern properly between bottles of eVo and Halo

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