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Red Vape E-liquid

Red Vape E-liquid

Red Vape E-Liquid, Luxury NET
Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquid

Red Vape, a top rated luxury e-liquid brand in the UK has provided a range of well-satisfying e-liquids that promises nothing less than a wonderful vaping experience. Not only do we provide high-quality e-liquids, Red Vape’s products are also strictly produced from first-rate natural ingredients. One thing we have always held in high retrospect is the quality and purity of all e-liquids we provide. In essence, you can be sure to never discover any artificial colours, ingredients or flavours in our luxury e-liquid products.

Our premium range of e-liquids is far more diverse than the Gran Reserva and Reserva in the flavour sense. Delivering multiple selections of enticing flavours, the premium range has e-liquids that suit every taste. So, if you simply want the tobacco flavoured e-liquids or you prefer the sweet and juicy e Liquids, our premium range has got you covered.

The Reserva range comprises of solely tobacco flavoured e Liquids that are produced strictly from NET (Naturally extracted Tobacco). Producing this range of tobacco took us more than a year since we were determined to provide top-notch tobacco based e Liquids to the vape market. Our strict adherence to the best tobacco leaves in addition to our ageing and manufacturing process has enabled us to provide a classic range of e-liquids that makes us proud.

Our Gran Reserva e-liquid Range is at the very top of the list when it comes to e-liquids provided with NET. Produced with a combination of pure Irish whisky and only the best Robusta coffee, this range of e-juices are usually dipped in French Limousin Oak Barrels for about three months. As a result, an intense and finely flavoured Gourmet e-liquid that is superior in quality and taste emerges.

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