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Black Note Bravura E-Liquid
Black Note E-liquidBlack Note Bravura E-Liquid

Black Note Bravura

4 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


Characteristics: The first thing you will notice with the Black Note Bravura E-liquid is its appearance which does resemble a light whisky in colour. This particular e-liquid is available in both 30ml and 10ml sizes and is noted for it rather earthy and musty smell although there is also a hint of fruit to be found as well.

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Product Description

Black Note Bravura,
A Perique blend (30 ml)

Black Note Bravura E-liquid is one of a kind, and real winner in our books, and nails the perique taste.

For the taste, then you are looking at something that is certainly more full-bodied although it is still amazingly smooth and has a kick of sweetness that does help with the taste. That is what you would kind of expect from perique tobacco especially the nutty aftertaste that is also going to kick in.

The one thing that stands out is that this particular e-liquid is exceptionally well made. It’s clear that it has been crafted by experts and that comes across in the smoothness of the finished product. For those that love the more traditional tastes, then this will be perfect and with the fruit flavours coming through at the end, this is certainly a well balanced liquid.

Black Note themselves state how this particular vaping liquid really kicks things off with a smooth, rich taste that immediately lets you know that you have something special and of note. After this smooth beginning, it then develops into something that is more full-bodied than you were perhaps expecting and this is where the perique tobacco really lets itself be known.

Black Note Bravura E-Liquid

When you first take that draw, you will be reminded of its earthy tones that come from the red burley. This is then followed by the perique kicking in with its darker complexities that just adds another dimension to the vaping experience. As you exhale, you will be hit with the nutty and fruity side of things with this only becoming more prominent.

What you get with Black Note Bravura E-liquid  is an absolute masterclass in how to blend together two different tobacco products into something special. However, do be warned that this flavour is not for the weak as this is going to rise up and hit you right from the very first draw. The fruit and sweetness does save it from being too over-powering for most people although if you prefer the sweeter side of things then you may be slightly disappointed.

Black Note Bravura E-Liquid is currently available in glass 30ml dropper bottles, and from March 2017 will be available in TPD compliant 10ml plastic bottles from California Vaping UK

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PG 50% | VG 50%

Additional Information

Weight 112 g
Dimensions 120 x 40 x 40 mm
Bottle size ML / Nicotine MG

7.5ml – 6mg, 7.5ml -12mg, 4 x 7.5ml – 6mg, 4 x 7.5ml – 12mg, 30ml – 3mg, 30ml – 6mg, 30ml – 12mg

2 reviews for Black Note Bravura

  1. 3 out of 5


    I usually vape Forte, but though I would give this a go, although nice, not as good as my usual, a nice hit and flavour, quite nutty and earthy like they say in the description, but just not to my taste.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I am surprised this has not had better reviews, and it’s a real sham they are stopping it as this is one of the hidden gems for me. I find it quite fruity and complex and disagree with the musty description, this goes well with a coffee ot tea first thing, not an all day vape, but a treat once in a while. 5 stars

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